The main function of a Carcomm Mobile Powered Cradle is to power and charge your device while you're on the move, and to hold it securely into its position. The unique and patented design of the active holder keeps your mobile phone or smartphone in place and protects it from being damaged.

The Carcomm cradle uses injection moulding manufacturing which ensures a perfect fit to your device. The design of the Carcomm Mobile Cradle ensures that your device is protected and sits firmly in the cradle while you are driving. To let the cradle blend in with the interior of your car, the colour of the cradle matches the dashboard ( dark grey ), with the added bonus that it won’t attract attention.

Integrated in the holder is an efficient charging circuit ( suitable for 12V & 24V ) which powers and charges your device. This will keep your device charged and ready for use inside and outside your car.

The integrated Antenna Coupler (where listed in the product name) allows the connection of an external antenna to reduce interference or make best use of a weak signal. More info about this in the FAQ’s section.

Carcomm Power cradles can be mounted in several ways:

The holder is delivered with everything needed to use it straight away. Use the window suction mount / dashboard suction mount to install the holder on your windscreen or dashboard, plug in the cigarette lighter adaptor and you are ready to go.
By integrating the charging system into the cradle you can very easily build the cradle into your vehicle. Simply remove the cigarette lighter plug and use the included cable with in-line fuse to hard-wire the cradle into the vehicle. To mount the cradle into the vehicle you can make use of the included rotating swivel-mount. This can be mounted in the vehicle with the included screws.

Carcomm Multi-Basys cradles are mounted by making use of the included rotating swivel-mount to mount the Multi-Basys base plate using the included screws. To provide power to the base plate and thus to the cradle, you can choose at time of ordering between cigarette lighter plug power or in-line fusible hard-wire cable.