What comes in the box with the Carcomm Powered Cradle for iPhone?

The Carcomm powered cradle for iPhone 3GS (CMIC-103-AC) or iPhone 4 (CMIC-105-AC), in addition to the usual Carcomm features, also allows you to connect through to your car's stereo, so the package has a specific cable for this.

Mobile iPod or iPhone Holder
Active holder (cradle) for your iPod Touch
or iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4
(has cigarette lighter power plug attached)

Cable with in-line fuse
Used to hard-wire the cradle
into your vehicle if required

Rotating Swivel
Used for fixed installation if required

Installation materials
To install the various

Window mount
For a quick and easy installation of
the cradle against the window
using its suction cup base

Surface cleaner
To clean the window surface
or dashboard

Dashboard adapter
To be able to use the window mount
on the dashboard. Adapter sticks to
dashboard or console, mount attaches
to adapter using its suction cup base

Antenna coupler
The Antenna Coupler is attached behind the cradle (iPhone 3GS model) or built-in to the cradle (iPhone 4 model).
If required, connect your antenna to this.

Connection cable
To power the cradle and to connect
it to the in-car entertainment system