Can I make and receive calls with the Carcomm cradle?

The Carcomm powered cradle provides external antenna connection, charging and holding of your device, but it is not a full handsfree car kit so does not provide not full handsfree operation (although we do know of customers who turn up the volume and use it by raising their voice a bit). However, to make up a complete car handsfree solution you would need to add something like one of these:

Motorola TZ700 Bluetooth Speakerphone
SuperTooth HD Bluetooth Handsfree
SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth Handsfree

or any other Bluetooth handsfree, or any Bluetooth headset.

Many people ask us whether, for example, the Carcomm cradle is compatible with the very popular Nokia CK-7W and Nokia CK-100 car kits - the answer is “yes”.

Does the Carcomm cradle provide connectivity to my car radio or stereo?

The only model we sell that will do this is the Carcomm CMIC-103-AC cradle for iPhone 3G/3GS and CMIC-105-AC for iPhone 4 (not for other phones unfortunately). This cradle can provide sound through to your car stereo via the normal iPhone 30-pin connector. The iPhone fits into the Carcomm holder and thus directly into the integrated connector; the sound is then rerouted from the iPhone out of the Carcomm unit via a 3.5mm stereo socket.  You connect that socket to your car stereo using a cable (an AV cable is included in the kit to connect the cradle to your car stereo; it is likely but not certain to be compatible with every car - ie it is possible you may need a different connector on the car stereo end).  Note that it is not possible to play sound through the iPhone's speaker once the device is inserted in the cradle if you have the car stereo connected.