How does the Carcomm cradle make an external antenna possible?

Very few mobile or smartphones on the market now have a facility to directly plug in an external antenna. Thus, if you want to maximise signal availability, the only method is via an antenna coupler that has passive induction capability. This is what the Carcomm cradles do. When you place your device into the cradle, the internal antenna inside your device uses passive induction to transfer the signal between the phone and the coupler, and thus to and from the external antenna.  This will maximise the chances of utilising any available signal.

How does the external antenna connect to the Carcomm cradle?

The short cable on the antenna coupler on the cradle unit has a FME Male (screw-type) connector, so the cable end coming from your antenna needs to have a FME Female connector, which usually is the most common kind. See a picture of the Carcomm’s antenna coupler connector

Do I have to use an external antenna with a Carcomm cradle?

No! It’s just an extra feature that many users in country and low-signal areas find very useful. For most people in metropolitan and normal signal areas, you won’t need an external antenna; the one inside your phone will work just the same as it always does.

Does using an external antenna with a Carcomm cradle guarantee better coverage?

There are many possible signal coverage variations, many possible antenna types, and many different mobile phone types. If there is no signal available at all, or it is extremely weak, then an antenna of any kind will not make much difference at all. Most users do experience better performance on their phone signal (in terms of signal consistency, interference reduction) when using the Carcomm cradle and a suitable external antenna. No cast-iron guarantees from us though...

It is also important to note that the Carcomm cradle’s antenna coupler is NOT a signal booster, which are generally not legal in Australia anyway.

The internal antenna in my phone is near the bottom of the phone, but the antenna coupler on the Carcomm cradle is closer to the top of the phone when in the cradle. Will it still work?

Yes - the proximity is still close enough to allow the antenna coupler to work. The design of the cradle with coupler doesn’t allow for the coupler to be situated closer to the bottom, which would theoretically provide the optimum signal transference for those phones, but it still works.

Does an external antenna come with the Carcomm cradle?

No, because there are so many different types. However you can order an antenna along with your cradle that will cover most situations; they are linked with each cradle on our website. We sell two versions of glass-mount antenna that are Telstra NextG optimised: a
5db version and a 7db version. For remote locations, the RFI CD2197 is our most popular high performance external/bullbar mount antenna.

Does the antenna coupler require Bluetooth?

No, it does not use Bluetooth at all. The antenna coupler purely uses electromagnetic connection with your phone’s internal antenna. So you are free to set the Bluetooth on your phone to connect with a speakerphone, headset or installed car kit.