Can I fit the cradle myself, or do I need a professional installer?

Because the Carcomm cradle comes with both a cigarette-lighter plug and a wiring connector, you can choose to just attach the cradle yourself using the cigarette lighter plug to power it, and the supplied window or dashboard suction mount. Alternatively, you can choose to have it permanently wired in using the wiring connector and attached via screws - you may require an installer for this.

Can I use my mobile phone in landscape mode?

Yes. If your mobile device supports landscape mode (most of them do) you can easily rotate the holder into a horizontal position. This is often used while using navigation software on the phone. If you want to use your phone in portrait mode you can easily rotate it back into a vertical position.

What comes in the box when I get it?

Carcomm CMPC models - for all mobile phones and smartphones except iPhones

Carcomm CMIC models - for iPhones