Universal Window Mount

This is the window / dashboard suction mount that comes with all of the Carcomm powered cradles. It can be attached to the windscreen or side window via the suction cup on its base, or it can be attached to the dashboard or console by using the dashboard adapter.

The dashboard adapter is simply a flat disc with adhesive tape on one side. Stick the adhesive side to the dashboard or console and then attach the window mount onto it using the suction cup on the mount.

Attach the cradle onto the baseplate of the mount, or onto the rotating swivel mounting plate when using the antenna coupler. The baseplate swivels and tilts as required on the balljoint on the end of the mount’s arm.

In this picture:
  • Window Mount
  • Dashboard adapter
  • Surface Cleaner

  • Suction cup diameter: 6.5 cm
  • Dashboard adapter diameter: 7 cm
  • Length (from suction cup to baseplate): 11 cm

Below is detail of the mounting plate on the above mount, onto which the cradle hooks: