Cradle details - iPhone 4/4S cradle (CMIC-105-AC and CMIC-106-AC)

This is the Carcomm power cradle with integrated antenna coupler for iPhone 4/4S, without the iPhone in it:


Your iPhone 4 or 4S slides down into the cradle, inserting into the power connector as shown.

It’s important that you slide your phone gently into the cradle each time; the connector mates perfectly. Note that because of the intentional close fit into the cradle, it won’t take a phone that has a cover, case or skin on it.

The antenna coupler is integrated into the back of the cradle; your iPhone 4/4S rests against this when it is in the cradle (close but not actually touching). Note that there is no physical connection here; the signal transfers between your phone and the coupler using inductance.

The antenna coupler connector is the cable on the left; connect this cable to the cable that comes from your antenna.

The power cable is on the right; plug it directly into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, or unscrew the plug to reveal connectors for direct wiring into your car’s electrical system. The CMIC-105-AC version of this cradle also includes two extra RCA plugs for music sound output.